Forward Looking Engagement Plan

Approved Forward Looking Engagement Plan

TerraX conducts community, public and leadership meetings throughout the year with impacted Indigenous groups, residents of the City of Yellowknife, recreational user groups, the business community, utilities, cabin owners, regulatory authorities, public safety services and multiple levels of governments.

TerraX maintains a Forward Looking Engagement Plan (FLEP). It is updated by TerraX and approved by the MacKenzie Valley Land and Water (MVLWB) prior to each land use permit (LUP) application or amendment.
The FLEP has two parts.

  1. The first identifies the types or levels of activities by TerraX that will trigger engagement, the type of engagement, and the content of the engagement.
  2. The second is the list of impacted stakeholder groups with which TerraX will engage.

TerraX maintains Engagement Logs. The logs track contacts, engagement, issues, and resolutions. The logs are submitted to and approved by the MVLWB prior to each LUP application or amendment. TerraX averages 5-10 engagement events a day ranging from e-mails and phone calls to community meetings.

Before reaching the threshold trigger points in the FLEP, TerraX aims to interact both frequently and with more information than required by the FLEP. TerraX’s FLEP includes approximately 50 stakeholder groups and consists of a broader range of stakeholders than most exploration companies. These include:

  1. The City of Yellowknife
  2. Yellowknives Dene First Nations Government
  3. Tłı̨chǫ Government
  4. North Slave Metis Alliance
  5. NTPC and Northland Utilities
  6. The GNWT Department of Infrastructure
  7. The GNWT Department of Lands
  8. The GNWT Industry Tourism and Investment
  9. The GNWT Department of Infrastructure
  10. Northwestel
  11. Six education and training organizations
  12. Five organized recreational and trail user groups
  13. The Department of National Defence
  14. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  15. Cabin owners
  16. Northern Aboriginal Business Association
  17. Northern Federation of Labor and PSAC
  18. Aboriginal Development Corporations
  19. Chambers of Commerce
  20. Chamber of Mines
  21. Social justice and environmental groups
  22. Government of Canada – multiple departments
  23. Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Museum
  24. Aurora Research Institute
  25. The Yellowknife Historical Society

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